Friday, May 31, 2013

The Rooster

Well, I wanted a rooster for my birthday. So my husband, David, went on Craig's list to find me one. Now I grew up on a farm and we had this rooster who was real mean. We called him the 'Left Winged Rooster.' If he was anywhere in sight we would not go outside because when he would see us, he would put his left wing to the ground and attack us. I know just how mean roosters can be.

David kept checking Craig's list and one day he showed me this beautiful rooster. He said he sounds like a real wimp, so we drove the 40 minutes and paid the $8 to get our rooster. As I questioned the lady we were buying him from I didn't feel quite so confident that he was such a wimp as she had advertised. She said he had spent the winter outdoors and slept in the rafters in the barn. Hmmmmm! Then she tried to catch him. She commented that this may be a challenge. Hmmmmmm! Against my better judgment, we took him home with us.

He didn't make much noise on the way home and wouldn't come out of the kennel when we got home, so I was thinking that this just might work out after all. David dumped him out of the kennel. My girls were already roosting for the night. He hopped around and went right to the coop door and hopped in. What a squawking ruckus! David and I ran around to the other door to see what was going on.  I opened the door and it was like a dust storm inside. He was attacking the chickens and even the duck. To say the least, he didn't last even 5 minutes in the coop! He went back to his original owner that evening. No more roosters! Or, so we thought...

Left Winged Rooster the Second
We did end up getting a rooster from some friends. He has worked out quite well. He's a real gentlemen. His name is Little Rootie. I will be painting some pictures of him.