Thursday, April 15, 2010

Minnesota Twins Home Opener at Target Field

We were able to attend the Minnesota Twins home opener at Target field on Monday. What a great and fun day it turned out to be. We love their new stadium! The weather cooporated - it was supposed to rain, but it didn't and it was beautiful.
The Twins won 5 to 2!

Becca, Dad and Anthony

Dad and Becca

Kirby Puckett Statue Unveiling - with Kirby Jr.

American Flag - Really Cool!!!

Minnesota Twins Players

Becca's Favorite Twin - Joe Mauer. She was able to get this picture while he was in the bull-pen.

Chicken and Goose Eggs

The other day David and I were out walking and we found an abandon goose egg. Of course I had to bring it home. If it hadn't been ice cold, I would have tried to hatch it. I did take pictures of it sitting next to a large chicken egg - quite a difference. David is going to drill holes on the ends of it so I can drain out the yolk and keep it. Someone told us that it has a goose egg has a green yolk, so I'm very curious to see.