Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Yea, I sold two paintings today. Bethesda, a nursing home in Willmar is building a rehab wing. Our arts council director, Janet Olney, asked them if they would be interested in purchasing local art. They were and bought art from a number of local artists. Thanks Bethesda and Janet.

These are the two paintings they purchased.

Anthony and Ben Fishing
22x26 - Watercolor

Gradpa’s Chair
22x26 - Watercolor

Everyone Wants to be a Mom Continued...

Remember my pictures of our chickens stuffed into a couple of nest boxes. They sat on them for weeks on end. Well we decided they had to be physically removed or they would end up dying in there. Most of the eggs had broken anyway. They weren't very happy about having to vacate the nest boxes. I had to keep the door shut so they wouldn't go back in to sit on them again. They puffed their feathers all up, looked just like mini-turkeys and stood right by the coop door. It took them days and days to get over it. In fact one is still trying to hatch some eggs. The only problem is we take the eggs out every day and usually she's sitting in an empty box. Funny girls!