Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coffee Stories Solo Art Show

It sure is a great feeling of accomplishment to have my solo show finished and hanging at the WEAC Gallery in Willmar. My reception was on Thursday evening December 9th. It was well attended, a lot of fun and very encouraging.

I would like to share a few photos of my reception with you. Unfortunately there isn't a picture of my Aunt Esther. She came and stayed with me for the week and was such a help to me.  Luv you Aunt Esther!

I am also posting a couple of paintings with their stories later in this post. Enjoy.

Paintings and Stories:

Coffee Stories
I believe everyone has a story, and a lot of those stories happen over a cup of coffee - or a series of cups of coffee - shared together. These ‘life' coffee stories happen whether coffee is sipped alone while doing devotions, or taking a morning stroll through your garden, or with a family member, or with a friend, or even with a foe.

A simple cup of coffee has a powerful influence in bringing back memories of sharing time together. Those memories are summoned by the aroma and the taste every time we sip a fresh brewed cup. Each new cup of coffee adds to the warm experiences from our past.

I created this series, because coffee makes us stop what we're doing for a moment. We take time to savor the aroma and the taste. We share time together with others. Time, that all-important factor in building friendships. When I worked at the coffee house I would get a bit nervous when a line would form and people would have to wait for their coffee. I would then remember that it takes time in order to create that perfect blend of espresso, steamed milk and chocolate and that would help relax me.

Coffee takes time whether in the brewing or in the drinking. Coffee gives us the time and excuse to build those important relationships in our lives.

More Coffee Please
Acrylic Collage  24”x24”

Goodwill Dishes???
I can't believe this set of dishes almost went to the Goodwill! And, it would have been my own fault.

My husband is an only child. His parents were 40 when he was born, and by the time we were married and had kids, they were good and ready to downsize and get rid of many of their belongings. So, every time Grandpa would come to see us, he would bring another box of things. I would tell him, ‘Grandpa please, we have way too many things already. Don't bring any more.' He called one day and told us that Grandma's best friend had died and she left a set of dished for David. ‘Great,' I thought, ‘another set! How many sets do we have already? Let's see, there's our wedding set; a set I had when we got married; the set David had when we got married; two sets from my mom; one from David's aunt and two from Grandma.' Granted some of the sets were given as heirlooms for the kids, but to just put another set into storage seemed like one to many! So I told him to just give them to the Goodwill because we have way too many sets of dishes already. We visited for a while longer and this little nagging thought kept coming to the surface, ‘Maybe you should just look at them before he gives them away.' Man am I glad that I listened to that little nagging thought. They are beautiful!

I take them out from time to time when I have friends over for coffee. They always enjoy using the set. I don't think I've ever in my life received so many comments on a set of coffee cups as I have on these. I think they must remind us of our younger years of playing coffee and tea parties.

Goodwill Cups
Watercolor  11”x14”

The Last of a Generation...
Aunt Elda and Uncle Johnny, siblings, my dad's brother and sister, the only two left from their family. She is 89 and he is 87. I just had to snap a couple of pictures of them (to draw later) as they sat visiting at our last family reunion. I couldn't hear what was being said and I'm not sure they could either, but somehow I know it was important. They live far enough away from each other that they realize this may be their last visit. Love has no age limit, they are very important to each other. Yet I have to smile because they still have this little sibling rivalry going on. Elda comes to stay with me every spring and fall for a few days while my cousin goes to Fargo for meetings. This fall she informed me with a shake of her head, ‘Johnny thinks he's the only one who ever did any work on the farm! Where does he think the rest of us were???'

It never goes away does it? That sibling stuff! I have to ask, ‘Why is that?!?!?'

Uncle Johnny & Aunt Elda
Pencil Drawing
Not for Sale

Folgers in Our Cups
I don't drink Folgers any more. In fact, after working at the Agape' Coffee House for a few years, almost hate to admit it, but I've pretty much become a coffee snob - only the best! Even so, there is just something about the aroma and taste of Folgers Instant Coffee that will forever make it reign supreme in my mind. I'm sure it's because of those crazy memories that smell and aroma evoke in us. . .

. . . My dad was a Folgers Instant Coffee drinker. Every morning he would heat up hot water and make a cup. Many times he would make an extra cup for me, and we would sit at the table, or walk around the farm just visiting. I learned a lot about my dad, about farming, about trees and birds and life those mornings. What good memories! Folgers, how good it is!

Coffee in the Fall
Watercolor  11”x14”

New Puppy

We got a new puppy for Anthony for Christmas. We still miss Clara, but he has helped fill a void that she left. Anthony named his new little puppy Hemingway. The puppy is very sweet tempered and a lot of fun.