Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow Day

We woke up to eight inches of snow this morning!!!!! Yea!!!! There just has to be snow in heaven or I may just have to be sad there. I decided it was a good day to cozy up to the fire with a good book and stay in my jammies :) The winds are forcasted to pick up and become a blizzard in our area.

David went right out and started shoveling the chickens out, and the driveway, and paths around the house. Kind of reminded me of his dad.

I was thinking about helping him when he left in the Raider! So, I cozied back up by the fireplace. He must have been gone a half an hour. Thought maybe he got stuck or something, but no calls - as if I could do anything anyway. When he got home, he came in and asked me if I wanted to go for a drive...

Really? I'd love to!!! So off we went...blizzard a all.

It wasn't long before I realized it wasn't just a snow day, but a super testosterone kind of a day!!!! Every vehicle out was a truck or had a snow blade on it - and, all men :)

Here are some of the photos I took:



And, it wasn't until we got home that David got stuck :) :) :)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Small Works Silent Auction

Annual Willmar Area Arts Council Small Works Auction

I created collage pieces and sold all three pieces...

I was the November Featured Artist

Kaleidoscope Gallery, New London, MN

Our Pileated Woodpecker

It's fun to have this guy visit us everyday, but he sure can eat a lot!!!



We always count - ALWAYS!!!!!!
WE ALWAYS COUNT...well, I thought David counted, he thought I counted...
We were heading to Willmar so David started putting the chickens back in the coop. There were probably 4 or 5 of them in. He was having trouble getting the rest because they looooooove scratching around in the woods...
I saw he was having problems, so I decided to help him. It took a while, but finally they were in. David decided to let the dogs out one more time before we left. We went about getting ready to leave and when David went to call them, they were pretty busy down by that tree! He called them and Amy and Nilla came, but Hemmingway, the naughty, naughty boy, looked up with a chicken in his mouth.
David yelled at him and went to rescue the chicken. There she laid with both legs in the air. I was sick!!!! It was Etta. David asked, "What should we do with her?" I said, "We need to bury her - WE'RE NOT GOING TO EAT HER!" He picked her up, her eye was closed. She looked pretty rough. And then, she opened and closed her beak a couple of times! She's ALIVE! We bought an eyedropper to give her water, washed her up and bandaged her neck. David sat with her by the fireplace until she was dry. We put her in a nest box for the night and said a prayer.

The next day, we put her out in the chicken run. Later that day she climbed back into the coop and in the nest box to lay an egg. We were amazed how well she did. She is still doing good, but does stick around the coop - I'm sure she doesn't want to tangle with those three muttsketeers again!!!!!!!!

Painting Class with David Feinberg

Here are some photos from my class:


Luminous Color Painting Class

In November I have been applying knowledge for my SMAHC Grant that I learned from a class I took by David Feinberg. Enjoyed it imensely! Here are a couple of photos of work that I have done.