Friday, August 28, 2009


My artist friend Kim was telling me that she took a picture of her zinnias with her barn in the background. I think it's funny how artist's minds kind of work alike... maybe I should say scary! This is a picture I had taken of my zinnias with my barn in the background.

Below is Kim's barn photo. Her blog is


  1. I love your Zinnias. Thank you for sharing some with me.

  2. Thanks Aunt Esther. Enjoyed your visit and that I could share them with you!

  3. Hi! Your zinnia photo with the barn in the background is striking! Zinnias are a favorite of mine and fill up my garden where ever I can put them!
    Your Etsy shop is full of lovely works! I have enjoyed looking through them!

  4. Thank you Flower, Zinnias are one of my very favorite flowers to. I checked out your blog. We lived in Springfield, Oregon for a year for my husband's internship - he's a pastor. We loved it out there!