Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Delicious Rooster

Watercolor - Original Sold

I love having chickens and roosters around. Love to hear them crow and cluck outside my windows. Love farm fresh eggs. Many people have told stories of at least one ‘mean’ rooster from their growing up years. We also had a mean one that we called the ‘Left Winged Rooster’. He reminded me of an out-law starring in an old western movie. He sure was a mean old cuss! As kids, we were terrified of him. None of us ever wanted to be around when my mom would need us to fetch a vegetable or two out of the garden, or milk from the barn. We would spy out the windows and door to see if he was anywhere in sight. Then make a mad dash, hoping not to get trapped out there with him between us and the house. If we did get trapped, he would stare us down, put his left wing to the ground and charge. I do remember how revenge smelled sweet and tasted sweeter as the aroma of barbaque chicken wafted through the air while he was being grilled for supper one evening!

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