Friday, October 12, 2012

Trip to Seattle and Oregon Coast

Just wanted to share a few photos of our (three of my cousins and my) trip to Seattle and the Oregon Coast. We boarded the Amtrak train in Redwing, MN on Sept 14th. We arrived back in Redwing on the 30th. Had a blast!!!! Here are some pics...

 Front row: Barb and me. Second row: Janet and Peggy. Before boarding the train.
 Darryld (Janet's husband) all done in from just driving us to the train depot - poor guy!!!
 Roomies on the train...
 Barb and Peggy
Janet and Me


Janet and her cousins

Pikes Market...

 Astoria, Or

Cannon Beach, Or (and a few other locations along the beach)


We went to the play - "You're a Good Man Charley Brown."

Heading to Lincoln City, Or.

Me and Peggy

Me and Barb
Janet the Beach Explorer...

Tillamok, Or

View from our motel room in Lincoln City, Or

Random ladies feeding the seagulls.

Me and my sister, Ardis

Janet, Peggy, Me, Ardis and Barb

Me and Peggy

Ardis and Me

Janet :)

Glass blowing class in Lincoln City, Or - so fun!!!!
Me and Barb


My cousin Mike and me

Nicole, Jason, (my nephew) and me

Ardis, Nicole, Jason and Me

My step dad and me


Peggy's cousin and Peggy
On the train again...
Peggy and Barb

Janet and Me

Good Night!