Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking At My Porch

I had a busy - good day today. Started out with my Wednesday morning ladies' Bible Study, then went to see my friend, Michelle and her garden. She has been doing a community sharing garden project along with selling at the farmer's market this summer. Very inspiring! She's also a very wonderful artist - I'm amazed by her talent. I will be posting an interview with her and photos of her garden next week.

I then listened to a message from my friend, Kim and went over to visit with her for a while. Her garden looks wonderful still too. Her and her husband, Lee are going to can tomatoes this weekend to celebrate their anniversary. Spending time together is what matters most and next winter when they are enjoying those yummy tomatoes she'll have the warm, fuzzy memories of time shared with her husband!

So, even though my garden is pretty weedy right now, I decided to post photos from it. I angled the camera so you don't see my weeds! Hope you enjoy the pictures.