Friday, July 27, 2012

Studio Hop 2012

Playing with Mixed Media

Stingers Baseball Painting

I am honored to be selected to paint a watercolor for the Willmar Stingers Baseball team which will be raffeled off as grand prize at the Stingers game on Monday, July 30th. An image of the painting will be printed on 500 posters and given away at the game.

Here are my drawings and an image of the final painting.


Anthony and Becca at Christmas

Becca Took Her Dad Flying!

Silly Nilla

Anthony's Broken Leg

I Joined the Kaleidoscope Gallery in New London

Jace's Baptism

David, Jace and Ali

Baptism Party
Becca, David, Venicia, Ben and Ali

Ali, Steve, Jace and Milly

Becca and Ali

Anthony and Ben

Me and Milly

Steve, Chrismas Elf

Christmas Play

Birthday Party for Jesus

Christmas Caroling