Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter Watercolor Paintings

Here are some of my winter paintings.
We're having very light snow today - I am ready for more!

Winter Barn - Watercolor - Sold

I took a photo of this barn during the summer, but painted it as a winter scene.


Sledding - Watercolor - 18x24

This is a painting of Anthony and Becca a few years ago returning from a day of sledding - I added the 'holding hands' for the effect, you can bet at that time of their lives the last thing they wanted to do is hold hands!!! Our dogs that are in the painting are Clara and Amy.

P.S. Now that Anthony has moved away to college they are treating each other nicer. Yea!!!


Winter Feast - Watercolor - 18x24
This is Anthony and Becca eating snow.


Winter Cabin - Watercolor - Sold


Heading Home - Watercolor - Not for Sale

This painting was chosen by The Emergency Foodshelf Network in New Hope, Minnesota as an 'Artwork for Tummies' Christmas Card. Purchases of any of their Christmas cards benefit Minnesota’s hungry children.

The Emergency Foodshelf Network uses 100% of the proceeds from Artwork For Tummies card sales to stock our foodshelves, on-site meal programs, and other hunger relief programs with nutritious children’s foods such as whole grain cereals, baby food, canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, fruit juices, pasta and much more. If you are interested in purchasing this card, or any of their Christmas cards, follow this link: Artwork for Tummies.  Cards are $2 each. Thanks for helping Minnesota's hungry children!!!

I Love Snow Pin - Handcrafted

Sure is a good thing I live in Minnesota cuz I love snow!!!

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