Monday, February 22, 2010

New Series - 'Coffee Stories'

I have started a new series called 'Coffee Stories.' Coffee is so satisfying. You drink it in the morning to wake up and warm up; you drink a cup as you visit with a friend or friends; the aroma is better than anything; it mixes with many flavors, cream, sugar, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, or anything you wish; you can drink it hot, iced or blended; it's nice to drink by a nice warm fire as the winter winds are raging outside, and my husband's thoughts - a guy's perspective - like gasoline is to your car, coffee is to your body.

Here are a couple of paintings and greeting cards I have done in the past along with some new drawings. In this series I will use a number of mediums to accomplish my coffee related artwork. From time to time I will be posting some of my work. My intent with this series is to have a solo show and possibly shows at a couple coffee houses.

Here is a sample of what I already have done and what is to come. . .

This is a photo of the beautiful china that I almost sent to the Good Will !!!


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