Friday, September 4, 2009

Another 'Friday's Art Quote'

My Bee Balm
(Phyllis Diller hair as my friend, Joan calls it)

It's still Friday, so I want to add another quote:

'One person with passion is better than
forty people merely interested.'
~ E. M. Forster ~

My husband, David and I just got home from seeing the movie Julie & Julia. After seeing the movie, I thought of the above quote. It is one of my favorite quotes. I think the reason I loved this movie so much, (David wasnt' as thrilled as I) is first, because of how they lived with such passion for what they loved to do, and didn't make excuses of why they couldn't do it, just went ahead and did it. Also, they both had such a commitment in their relationships with their husbands. If only I could live with such passion and commitment - I hope I do!

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