Thursday, September 13, 2012

Never a Dull Moment With Esther Around!

Esther the Adventure Chicken...

I should be packing since I leave tomorrow with three cousins for Oregon - David gets to stay home. But, there's just never a dull moment with Esther around, so I had to blog it!!!! She seems to take after her name-sake, my Aunt Esther... Our pup, Nilla is getting so tall she can reach loaves of bread and other things at the very back of the counter. And, she did. David caught her so there was a half chewed loaf of very good sourdough bread sitting there. I decided to treat the chickens with the rest of it. They were all outside of their pen so I called them and they all came running. I counted them as usual, 9 chickens and 1 duck. Who was missing? Of course, Esther. So I went out around the yard and called her. There she comes running from the far reaches of the back yard, head down and legs flailing out to the side as she ran! I'm sure she must have been exploring the woods or jumping out of an airplane or something similar. She just amuses me. The world is her adventure land!!!

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  1. We just love to go on adventures. You know just kept going a little beon where most dare to go. You will find great treasures there. Have a great time in Oregon. Glass blowing might put you up in the adventure area. Love ya! She is so beautiful! Not a feather out of place.